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7 Mar

Off in the car or on the bike, so much can be done quickly, or simply visit friends and family. The way to your own car does not have to be impossible. With a vehicle loan, this desire for a vehicle can be implemented. For example, the financing can be used to buy the car or motorcycle without having already saved money for the purchase. It is also possible through the vehicle loan to purchase a more expensive vehicle than would have been possible without the financing. The loan allows you to purchase your dream car, even if its cost exceeds its available funds.

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The rates of a vehicle finance

A vehicle loan is a installment loan that is repaid to the lender in monthly installments for a contractually agreed period. The monthly installments include the repayment of the debt as well as the accrued interest on the vehicle loan. During the term of the loan, the portion of the repayment in the monthly installment increases. This is the case as the residual debt decreases over the term of the loan and interest is only calculated on the remaining debt. However, as the monthly rate remains the same, the share of repayments increases due to decreasing interest rates.

The installments can also be reduced by a down payment for a vehicle loan. When this is done, the required loan amount is reduced. Therefore, the rates may decrease or the runtime may be reduced. To make the down payment, there is also the possibility of applying this by giving in a used vehicle at the dealer. The residual value of the car or motorcycle thus reduces the required loan amount.

The lender demands collateral for the vehicle loan

The lender demands collateral for the vehicle loan

As with any installment loan, the lender also seeks collateral from you on a vehicle loan. However, this loan does not only require a proof of income, but also the vehicle registration document must be deposited as collateral with the lender. If payment difficulties arise during the term of the vehicle loan, the bank will have the motor vehicle seized and the remainder will be repaid from the proceeds of the subsequent foreclosure sale.

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