Auto Loan: best loans for new or used car purchase, rate 0 and finalized

3 Mar

We discover the car loans offered by the main banks for this 2019. We see which is the best based on the needs of each customer, both for those interested in buying a new car for those who want to buy a used one. Finally, the calculation of the online estimate to know repayment installments and interest rates applied.

Auto loans 2019: who they are addressed to, main features and requisites required

One of the most frequent reasons why you need to apply for a loan is definitely the purchase of a car. It is in fact a good that has a rather important cost, but to which we can hardly give up. So whether you want to buy a used car or if you want to save money by buying a used vehicle, many times you find yourself asking for a loan. There are several companies that offer their customers this type of solution, at more or less convenient conditions based mainly on the economic conditions of the customer. A feature that differentiates this form of funding from classic personal loans is that it is a purpose loan. In particular we talk about consumer credit, as it is required when buying a good, which in this case is the car. For this reason, in many cases it is the dealership itself that offers a certain amount of funding, based on the agreements it has with a particular company.

At the same time, financing for the purchase of a car also has many aspects in common with non-finalized loans. In particular, the clientele to whom this product is addressed is the same. As for the applicant ‘s age, this usually must be between 18 years and 75 years. The aspect that can represent a major obstacle is, as always, the one related to the income requirements that are required by lenders that offer loans for the purchase of new and used cars. At the time of the request it is therefore necessary to present an income document. The simplest solution is to present a paycheck or a pension slip. In this case, the only verification that the company must make is that the repayment installment is not too high compared to the monthly income received, net of any other deductions. Therefore, employees and pensioners will have no problem buying the desired car without presenting additional requirements.

In case you are self-employed, freelancers, artisans or entrepreneurs and therefore you do not have a paycheck, the speech is slightly different. Banks that must provide financing obviously want to avoid a non-repayment. For this reason it is necessary to present an economic guarantee, which in the case of self-employed will be the last tax return. Based on this the company will evaluate the maximum payment that can be dealt with by the customer, and only then can a positive or negative answer be given to our car loan application. Finally, if you are unemployed the solution offered by different banks is the presentation of a guarantor. The latter must necessarily present to the company the economic documentation that we have just listed, and must undertake to take on all the unpaid installments of the loan beneficiary. Finally, as regards the provision of the loan, the sum of money requested by us will be sent to the retailer to whom we have applied. So as soon as the sum has been paid we can make our car the dream we were dreaming of, only worrying about paying the repayment installment that will be fixed at the time of the request.

Car loan at 0 rate and finalized

The car loan is obviously a form of targeted financing, which therefore differs from the classic personal loans. For this reason the first difference is that to request it we will not necessarily have to go to a bank or financial institution. This type of financing is in fact proposed by all dealers when buying any car, regardless of whether it is new, used or zero kilometers. Obviously, depending on the dealership we are going to, we will be offered the financing of a specific company. Often determining the terms of the loan are not only the retailer we turn to, the amount we request and the duration, but also the car that we decide to buy and any active offers.

Often, in fact, at the time of purchase, we can take advantage of a loan for zero-rate cars, which will therefore save us a lot from the point of view of interests. For this reason our advice if you are interested in buying a car and you want to do so by accessing a car loan, is to stay up to date on new offers available, so you do not miss the best opportunities for low-interest loans and zero rates. Who are the car loans for? In general, the clientele to whom this financial product is addressed is quite large, although obviously certain requirements are required. First of all, as regards the age allowed for the applicant, this varies slightly according to the bank to which we address. In general, however, the age of majority is obviously required, while a maximum threshold is set for older people: those who have an age between 18 and 75 can usually apply for car loans.

The major obstacle, as for any other form of financing, is that related to the economic requisites required. The best income guarantee that we can present is without doubt the paycheck, which is an insured entry every month from which the repayment installment can be deducted. For this reason, employees and pensioners (the latter through the presentation of pension slips ) will not have problems receiving the desired car loan. Self-employed workers will also have access to finance for the purchase of new and used cars. To do so, they will have to submit the last tax return, and if the earnings received in the last year will be judged by the bank to be sufficient to guarantee reimbursement, then the loan request will be accepted. The unemployed who are therefore without income usually have two options. The first is the presentation of property guarantees as property owned by mortgages, while the second is the presentation of a guarantor that will present the economic guarantees required by the bank instead of the beneficiary of the loan. In the next paragraphs we will analyze the characteristics of the main car loans, in order to help you in choosing the most convenient financing in absolute terms.

New or used car loan Astrofinance: preventive calculation

One of the many lenders to whom you can apply for a car loan is Astrofinance. This is only one of the convenient financial products offered to us on the company’s website. The financing we have to request is the classic personal loan. This solution will allow the customer to request a sum of money ranging from € 1,000 up to a maximum of € 60,000. So this is the ideal solution for anyone interested in buying a car, regardless of the model and price range on which it is oriented. If you are interested in Astrofinance car loan, on the website you will have the possibility to request a free quote online. Doing so will be easy, since you just enter the amount you are interested in in the space provided. In the dropdown menu related to the project you intend to implement, you will need to specify if you are interested in buying a new or used car. In the latter case, it is specified how the car should be used for no more than 12 months.

To get an idea of ​​the treatment offered by Astrofinance to customers interested in buying a car, let’s see some examples. The first case we consider is that of a customer who is interested in buying a new car at a price of 25,000 euros. The solution recommended in this case has a duration of 96 months and provides for the lighter repayment installments in absolute, equal to only 349.70 euros, and interest rates Tan 7.70% and Taeg 7.98 %. In this case, however, it is also the option that has the greatest cost from the point of view of the interests we will have to pay to the bank. For this reason it is advisable to reduce the duration of the loan. For example, if you increase the monthly payment to € 434.70 you can complete the repayment in 72 months, with interest rates Tan 7.70% and Taeg 7.97% and a considerable savings.

In case you want to save money on the purchase of your car and find an opportunity among the offers of second-hand cars, you will still have access to Astrofinance loans. We also simulated this situation by requesting a € 10,000 loan in this case. The solution selected for us by the Astrofinance online simulator also provided for a reimbursement in 96 months, with comfortable installments of 132.70 euros and interest rates Tan 6.26% and Taeg 6.44%. This is therefore the best car loan if you want the lowest possible monthly expense. Considering that the amount requested is not particularly high, it is preferable to choose a shorter duration in order to pay less for the interest. Among the solutions offered by Astrofinance we point out, for example, that with a repayment in 36 months, which provides a monthly payment of € 305.40 and annual interest rates of Tan 6.26% and Taeg 6.44%.

Financing Auto Ultranix: repayment installments and interest rates with online simulation

Financing Auto Ultranix: repayment installments and interest rates with online simulation

Another company that offers excellent products for those interested in buying a car is Ultranix. This credit institution offers all customers the opportunity to receive up to € 30,000, which can be received within 48 hours of approval of the loan. So the delivery times are extremely short and will therefore allow you to complete the purchase of your new car. A rather advantageous feature of the Ultranix car loans is also to allow the beneficiary of the loan to defer not only the cost of buying the car, but also all related costs such as matriculation, tax stamp, transfer of ownership and insurance. This form of financing, as well as the classic Ultranix personal loans, can be requested directly online following the guided procedure.

The first thing to do if you are interested in requesting a loan from Ultranix for the purchase of a new or used car is the request for a quote. Also in this case, knowing the monthly repayment rate and the interest rates applied to your loan is very simple and immediate. To do this, simply visit the Ultranix website and in the ” Financing ” area you will find the product reserved for customers interested in buying a car. Here you will be provided with all relevant information regarding this form of financing, while on the right of the screen you will find the online loan simulator, which can be used free of charge and without registration. All we need to do to simulate the Ultranix car loan we need is to enter the amount we are interested in in the space provided.

Let’s see an example to better see the characteristics of Ultranix loans for cars. Consider a request for 20000 euros. By clicking on ” Calculate Rata ” after entering the amount we will present all the solutions studied for us by Ultranix. First of all, you immediately notice the great freedom of choice in terms of duration, given that we can decide to defer the repayment starting from 12 installments up to a maximum of 120 installments. The latter solution provides for a very light installment of only 235.90 euros, but that we will have to pay for 10 years and with interest rates Tan 6.91% and Taeg 7.85%. If you are willing to pay a higher installment, a decidedly more convenient solution is the one with a 60-month repayment, which provides monthly installments of 403 euros and Tan 6.91% interest rates and 8.30% Taeg. The choice is therefore quite large, so it can be said that the Ultranix car loans are the best if you are looking for a loan that allows you to defer as much as possible the expense for the purchase of your car.

Cleopar financing for new or used car purchase: quote

If you are interested in buying a car with a dealer, in many cases the latter will offer you a Cleopar loan. As pointed out on the official website of the company are in fact several dealers affiliated with Cleopar that therefore will allow you to receive the desired financing to buy your new or used car at the best conditions on the market. One more reason to choose Cleopar car finance is that for which exclusive discounts are often applied in case you decide to defer the payment. In addition there are several solutions that allow us to identify the best car loan in absolute according to our needs. First of all you can choose the amount to be paid at the time of purchase as a deposit. In this way we have the possibility to reduce the amount that will be financed by Cleopar. Always for the same reason we can choose the option that provides the so-called maxi final installment, which will have an amount that we can choose when requesting.

As pointed out on the Cleopar website in the area dedicated to car loans, there are over 50,000 businesses affiliated with the company, and include new and used car dealers and auto parts stores. So we can contact these dealers directly, or alternatively proceed with the request by going to one of the Cleopar branches, whose list can be consulted on the website of the credit institution. If you want to know the treatment offered by the company for a car loan you are interested in, all you have to do is use the online simulator. In this case it is possible to calculate the installment and interest rates for loans up to € 20000, although with this form of loan it will be possible to receive up to € 30,000.

Also in this case we used the Cleopar simulator to present you some examples of car financing. Consider first the case of a customer interested in buying a used car that costs 7000 euros. If you want the lighter installments in absolute, the solution that suits you is the one with repayment in 84 months, which provides monthly installments of 117.58 euros and interest rates Tan 9.90% and Taeg 11.29%. If you want to save on interest, the best solution is to repay in 24 months, with installments of 327.53 euros and interest rates Tan 9.90% and Taeg 12.64%. In the event that the customer is buying a new car worth 25000 euros and chooses to pay 5000 euros immediately, the Cleopar loan request will be for an amount equal to 20000 euros. The solution we recommend is, for example, the 60-month loan, which provides repayment installments of 430.32 euros and Tan 9.90% interest rates and 11.24% Taeg.

Fostal Bank Auto Loan: documents and characteristics of the loan

Fostal Bank Auto Loan: documents and characteristics of the loan


The last company that we recommend if you are looking for a loan for the purchase of a new or used car is Postal service Italy. The product that offers this possibility is the Fostal Bank Auto Loan, which will allow you to receive a loan for an amount ranging from 10000 euros to 30000 euros, which you can spend at any dealership or contacting a private individual. To request it, in fact, you can go to any post office, where you can make an appointment through the Italian Post Office website, simply by specifying the office address and the date and time (choosing from those available) where you want have a meeting with a qualified consultant, who will present a detailed estimate of the cost and will allow you to proceed immediately with the request for funding. As regards the reimbursement, it will be possible to choose the duration of the loan which must necessarily be between 30 months and 84 months.

In the case of Fostal Bank loans, the use of the online simulator for calculating the estimate is reserved for customers registered on the Italian Post Office website. In order to apply for a Fostal Bank car loan, it is not necessary to be a customer as the holder of a Fostal Bank current account or an ordinary name book. In these two cases we will still be offered some more convenient solutions compared to those who have an account with a different company, in addition to the fact that the delivery times will be slightly longer. Finally, as regards the documentation required to receive the loan, this will be the same as for the classic Fostal Bank loans and therefore an identity document, the health card and an income document, to which must be added the quote for the purchase of the car new or used to which we are interested.

Onecredit Auto Loan: how to receive CreditExpress Top without collateral

For the purchase of cars, motorcycles, boats and so on, Onecredit offers its customers the CreditExpress Top financing. This is obviously a finalized loan, which will allow you to receive the highest amount in absolute terms compared to the products we have analyzed on this page. The sum of money that can be requested with Onecredit car loans is even 75,000 euros. This means that it is undoubtedly the ideal solution if you have fallen in love with a machine with a decidedly high cost, which you can do thanks to a payment in installments that will allow you to complete the purchase in total serenity, with a duration that reaches up to 10 years. Onecredit CreditExpress Top can also be requested without collateral, as it will be enough to present the documentation relating to the income received.

The Onecredit car loan is fixed rate, which means that we can fix monthly installments according to our needs, which will remain fixed for the entire repayment term. On the Onecredit website it is not possible to carry out an online simulation of the loan, however it will be possible to make an appointment at the branch to present our needs to a specialized consultant. Through the site you can consult the complete list of Onecredit offices, in order to identify the one closest to our home. So we can choose the date and time that we prefer and set the appointment by specifying personal data, email address and a telephone number useful for any communication. By going to the branch we can ask for a detailed cost estimate, and if the conditions offered to us satisfy us we can immediately proceed with the request for funding. Within a few days we will receive an answer and in case of a positive result the money we need will be delivered to our bank account very quickly.



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