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29 Dec


Have you run out of a car? Did you just get your card? Do you need another vehicle at home? There are many reasons why at a certain moment some extra money would be great. Facing the cost of buying a car, whether new or second-hand, is not always easy. But when the vehicle is an essential tool in your day to day, it is not a matter of thinking twice. Do you need money urgently? Our car loans are the solution.

Do not think about money, think about the vehicle you want

Buying a car is not like going to the supermarket. If you make a good investment you can make sure you have your own vehicle for many years. That is why you should do some field work, compare prices and benefits, investigate the advantages and disadvantages of the options that are within your reach and, finally, make a decision.

For all this, do not let the budget be the factor that has more weight in your choice. Even if you consider from the beginning to move within margins, if the price rises a little but the advantages multiply substantially, do not hesitate: it will be an investment on insurance.

Most of the time it is much more convenient to make that effort. We all hope that the ideal car offers us a wide range of benefits for a very low price, but we already know that the market does not work like that. The extras are paid, sometimes at prices too high for what the vehicle actually offers.

If you do not master the motor world, seek advice. A vehicle is much more than an elegant design or an attractive color. Sure you have a friend or family member who knows about engines, consumption, performance… The seller will give you a lot of information, but do not forget that it is a commercial figure and, therefore, will do everything possible to pass on tiptoe over the least favorable details for the sale.

You see that you have a job for a while, especially if it is a second-hand vehicle. However, now that you know that  the budget is not the biggest of your problems, you can make decisions with much more freedom. And that is why our products are for something. Loans of up to 3,000 euros that will undoubtedly be very beneficial in this type of circumstances.

Urgent money to finance your vehicle

Urgent money to finance your vehicle

If something has in common the improvised is that they always appear at the least opportune moment. Just when you were going to invest your savings in a financial product, when you were about to pay the last installment of your mortgage or when you had planned to give you that trip you had always wanted to do.

An accident with the car, a serious breakdown, a theft… There are situations that escape your control and one day you can get up and take the unpleasant surprise that you have run out of a car. The solution to the problem is usually not complicated, but it is true that it is reduced to a single factor:  having enough money to pay for the acquisition of a new vehicle.

However, an investment of these characteristics can throw away many of the plans that you already had planned and that sometimes you can not even cancel. This translates into an accumulation of adversities that can have serious consequences both in the domestic economy and in the development of your routines. Delays in the payment of invoices, cancellations, inclusion in the lists of defaulters, difficulties in coping with daily expenses.

We offer you a quick and effective solution in the most adverse moments. Do not let the purchase of a car absorb your entire budget and take advantage of the advantages of our vehicle loans. They are an easy-to-hire product with which  you can get up to 3,000 euros in a very simple way  and with the urgency required by the situation in which you find yourself.

How long will you need to get your money?

If you have ever applied for a loan in a bank you will know that this type of financial products work at a very particular rate. Since the beginning of the last great economic crisis, a decade ago, banks do not have precisely lax policies regarding loans.

Depending on the type of loans you want to process, your financial situation and the use that you will give to that money, the financial institution will draw its own conclusions to determine whether making these funds is convenient or not. And we can advance something: in most cases they do not consider it an advantageous option for their interests, so it is possible that, in spite of having presented all the necessary documentation, finally the loan will be denied.

Our way of operating is very different from that of traditional financial institutions. We do not dedicate ourselves to making judgments of opinion, nor do we investigate your situation nor do we want to know which car you are going to buy or why you need to make this acquisition now. Our role is limited to facilitating that money  so that you have it when you need it the most.

Requesting a loan for the car is not going to be a complicated process. You can perform the procedures electronically and in just a few minutes. And as soon as we have the basic information necessary for your concession, you will receive the money in your account within 24 hours. This is the most immediate formula to obtain liquidity in one of those moments in which you can not miss the opportunity.

What kind of information are we going to ask for? As is logical, we need to know all your personal data, but we will not ask for more documentation than absolutely necessary to process your application. In fact,  we work with a rapid credit model  in which time is one of the priority aspects: the sooner we can solve your liquidity problem, the better.

Basically the requirements for you to request up to 3,000 euros of loan for the purchase of a vehicle are:

  1. Be of legal age and resident in Spain.
  2. Provide a proof of payroll, pension or income to guarantee the return.
  3. Have a bank account in a Spanish entity.
  4. Determine the exact amount you want us to pay you.
  5. Select the amount to which the monthly fee you want to pay increases (in this way you will know your payment schedule and the time it will take to return your loan).

As you can see, it is not about conditions that go beyond the conventional and of course it will be very easy to provide all the required documentation. In this way we make sure that the process of reviewing your request is executed in record time. You will not have to wait for days or even weeksto receive that informative call that is so important to you. And in addition, we can advance you something: on this occasion you will receive a yes for an answer.

Money in your account in much less time than you imagine

The answer is almost immediate, as immediate as your financing needs. After the approval of your loan for a choche you will receive the confirmation documents in a secure and absolutely confidential way and you will have the money paid in your bank account as soon as possible.

We recommend that if you see a clear shopping opportunity, you can go for it. The most complicated part of the process of change or new acquisition of a vehicle is to find market prices that are fair and affordable. But once you have the offer you were looking for and you have found the car that suits all the demands, paying it will be the simplest of all.

Trust in the speed of our processing service. No waiting, no fine print, no abusive conditions and no risks to your economy. Our car loans are a transparent, flexible and practically designed product tailored to your needs as a buyer.

Your loan to buy a new or used car

Your loan to buy a new or used car

We do not make distinctions. Your needs are the priority, so you are the one who makes the decisions. We only provide you access to the purchase through a loan for vehicles that you can use for a second-hand car, a factory car or a second-hand purchase.

The current motor market offers infinite possibilities in this regard and that is why we do not want to limit your decision to a single type of vehicle. With the wide range of used cars, zero kilometer and second hand, it would be a mistake to restrict purchases to the market of cars directly from the dealership.

We are not interested in knowing the reasons why you have decided to apply for a car loan. You are in all your right to invest this money in the type of vehicle that suits you, either because of necessity or because you want to treat yourself. Our job is to  make your dreams, needs or aspirations have a way of becoming a reality. A quick, simple and direct tool that allows you to have access to the ideal car, regardless of its characteristics or the reasons that led to your purchase.

We encourage you to value all the alternatives available in the motor market before applying for a loan to finance a new vehicle. It is the best way to ensure that you get the most out of our loans to buy a car, already very advantageous.

Amortize the debt in comfortable terms

It would be of little use if we put you on a platter all the facilities to get your money if we then raised the level of demand as far as its return is concerned. We prefer to work with a more advantageous system that allows you to enjoy up to 3,000 euros of credit when you need it most, and we guarantee the recovery of the money in time and in the way we have agreed.

We will inform you of all the details of this transaction because the success of a loan for the acquisition of a car is that you know from the first moment what the conditions of your credit are. In this sense,  we work with absolute transparency. You can ask us what you want that we will always do what we can to not sign any document without having the absolute conviction that you are subscribing the most advantageous conditions.

The money you need, the terms that best match the monthly charges you can assume, the return time you will need, the interest rate applicable to the loan you request… You will have absolutely everything under control. And it is that an important part of the immediate tranquility that gives you a credit of these characteristics is to be sure that your economic future will not be harmed by the decisions you make in the present.

A team of experts at your entire disposal

A team of experts at your entire disposal

The simplicity with which you can request your loan when buying a car does not compromise the quality of the service we offer you. We are fast and efficient, but we are also human. Our goal is to make the request for this money  a comfortable and safe process for you. A large team of professionals focused on customer service will be responsible for solving all your doubts and offering a clear and understandable answer.

Unlike banks and large financial institutions, we speak your language. The conditions of these loans are explained so that you have no doubt about the contract you subscribe to. The points are clear from the beginning: such is the amount you receive and that is what you must return in the previously stipulated period.

A loan to buy a car is something that is requested in a very timely manner and because circumstances require it. We do not want this process to become a burden for you. We listen to you, we understand you and we adapt to your needs  so that nothing conditions you.

How many times have you received a no for an answer? The amount of information required by banks when processing these types of requests is as abusive as the terms of the loans they offer. In addition, financial institutions apply very strict protocols when determining the viability or not of a loan. What happens when you do not have so much waiting time?

Step on the accelerator and bet on the fastest option. An alternative that really understands the urgency of your needs and acts accordingly. It does not matter if the car loan you request is to give yourself a treat or to solve an unforeseen event. What matters is that you need that money now, urgently, and we can provide it for you. Pay the ticket, finance 100% of a second-hand vehicle, add more extras to that factory car you’ve always wanted to drive. In essence, all loans are reduced to the same need: to have liquidity at a specific time and enjoy the benefits of returning it in convenient terms. And this is what we know best.

Apply today for your car loan and forget about complications

Apply today for your car loan and forget about complications

What are you waiting for to apply for your loan and buy that vehicle you already had your eye on? Never before have you had it so easy to have up to 3,000 euros in your account in record time. No waiting, with great return facilities and with a perfectly affordable interest rate.

The important thing is the moment. Take advantage of that opportunity that may not happen again. And we will not be the ones who put conditions to your happiness. Instead, we provide you with the necessary tools so that you have that money as soon as possible with which you can solve many things. Having your own vehicle should not be a luxury. Although your current financial situation is not the most favorable for the purchase of a vehicle, you have  a quick and efficient alternative to obtain liquidity.

Contact without obligation with our staff to clarify any doubt regarding the request of your loan. We offer the most advantageous financing formulas and all the flexibility you need to return the money without your economy suffering. Because the fact that you achieve your goal is also a victory for us.

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