Fleet GPS Tracking

Auto theft is one of the most famous crimes across the globe and most of the time it takes place due to the negligence of the car or vehicle owner. In UAE, the number of auto theft has decreased over the last few years as the citizens are more technology-friendly and take all necessary security precautions such as fleet GPS tracking. Still, the thieves are more advanced, and few are aware of these systems. But there are plenty of car drivers who are not aware of such precautionary methods and end up making common mistakes which makes stealing cars easier. Plus, the techniques these thieves use to hide the identification of the car evades detection.

Here are a few things which a car owner can do to prevent the theft of the vehicle.

Lock Doors

The basic thing to keep your vehicle safe is by locking the door. It is better to check the doors before leaving.

Close Windows

Keeping windows closed is also important as shutting doors, the thieves can reach in your car via windows. They can steal your stereo or other expensive items.

Park in Lit Areas

It is better to park your vehicle in well-lit areas to avoid thieves and give them a chance. A criminal will not attempt to touch the car when they know others can see them. If the car is left in darkness, then they have the perfect moment to open the car.

Anti-Theft System

Installing an anti-theft system in your car will notify the owner if someone tries to open the door and steer away thieves from attempting further. A clear alarm system will produce loud noise and attract passersby.

No Valuable

Make sure that you don’t leave any valuables like a mobile, purse, money in the car, especially in plain sight. This will attract the thief’s attention and increase the chances of theft.


Another way to keep your car safe while you are away is by installing an immobilizer in your car, when someone tries to open it with force the car gets disabled due to this feature. With this function, you can stay stress-free about your vehicle and park anywhere.

GPS System

Like an immobilizer, there is a GPS system that can be installed in your vehicle, and you can track its location from anywhere with your mobile or with a computer desktop. GPS fleet tracking system provides you with a live-tracking location, in case if someone successfully breaks into your car then you can easily track them down and share the information with the police.

Fleet GPS Tracking

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