Saint Lucia Citizenship

Saint Lucia makes for the perfect retirement home. If getting Saint Lucia citizenship is on your list, then you must take into consideration the diverse aspects of life in Saint Lucia. It is an island country and has a standard of living that is different from the one you live in. Looking at these aspects of life in Saint Lucia will enable you to understand the life you will live with your family and the benefits that Saint Lucia citizenship offers you.

What Does Life in Saint Lucia Look Like?

It goes without saying that life on an island is different from the one we have. And Saint Lucia offers the best island life for you to enjoy with your family. It offers you a slow-paced, relaxing, beautiful island life with the perfect vacation vibe you need. The population of this tiny island is under 200000 people and a majority of the population communicates in English and French.

The Expense of Living

Alongside the blissful and quiet life, Saint Lucia is one of the most safe places for you and your younger children (if any) to live in. You get the best of every world in Saint Lucia. Living in Saint Lucia is not expensive and is quite affordable. Moving across the island is also easy as it’s not a big island and all the public places are at walkable distance.


Education in Saint Lucia is given a lot of importance. Children from the age of five to fifteen get free education under the Education Act. Saint Lucia also has the option for higher education for students with several community colleges, medical colleges, universities, and more. Dependent children and the spouse of the individual also get the right to education in schools across the country.

Citizenship Perks

Saint Lucia offers dual citizenship. This citizenship is permitted to individuals who apply for visas by investment. It is one of the best and convenient ways to apply for citizenship to Saint Lucia. Once the individual gets this citizenship, he gets the same perks of living in the county as any other individual who was born in the country.

The individual can work in the country, can invest in properties, get the right to vote, and reap many other benefits. Saint Lucia permits visas on your arrival for people from more than 120 countries. Another perk is that you need not give up on the citizenship of your homeland to live in Saint Lucia. This citizenship permits individuals to pass down the citizenship of Saint Lucia to their younger generation.

In Conclusion

The mentioned benefits of applying for Saint Lucia citizenship work as a good advantage if you plan on living there. If any of these benefits attracted your attention, you can apply through our second passport Dubai agency.

Saint Lucia Citizenship

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