It is the duty of every parent to find a suitable school for his/her child. At times, the search might seem difficult, as there are many types of schools and educational institutes in the UAE. Lack of knowledge can lead to total confusion to find the right school. But, when you have the correct information about what a good school should be, it becomes easier to get your son/daughter admitted to a top school such as Indian School Sharjah. This blog presents you a bunch of guidelines about finding a renowned Indian School in UAE.

Top-Quality Faculty

A crucial guideline is to find a school that has a team of excellent teachers. As a school is nothing without students, it is nothing, too, without good teachers. Enquire with the school committee about the profiles of teachers. Also, you can find relevant details on the official website of the school.

Excellent Study Materials

This is another guideline that you need to follow when you are hunting for a suitable school for your child. The study materials and course curriculum of the school should be world-class. There is no question of compromising in this regard.

A Sprawling Campus

Sprawling campus makes a school more attractive. Children love to study and grow in such beautiful environments. It is always a wise decision to get your child admitted to a school that has a lovely, expansive campus. Your child would really become fond of his/her school very quickly.

Good Sports Facilities

A school should not focus on studies only. It has to equally concentrate on creating infrastructure for sports. ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ – this is the motto of each and every school that cares for its students. Hence, try to find a school that has standard sports facilities.

Rich Library

A top-class library is the mark of good infrastructure of a school. If the library of a school is well-maintained, then you can be totally sure about its intention in educating the children in a planned and constructive way. Enquire about the presence of a library when you are finding an appropriate school for your child.

Provides Transport Facilities

A top school should essentially have high-end transportation facilities in place. It should take the responsibility to pick up the kids from their homes and drop them again at the same spots, shouldering the responsibility of keeping them safe. Talk to the Principal of a school that has such facilities.

A Renowned School in UAE

The India International School Sharjah is counted among the most reputable schools in the region.


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